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Where to Sell Baseball Cards?

This is the most asked question of baseballcardadvisors.com.  The entire purpose of creating the consulting business was to help people sell their cards to the right person. There are many places to sell the cards, but the question that really needs to be asked is: how do I maximize the return on my card collection? This is where we come in. In some cases, it may be worth just selling quickly to a local buyer or card shop. Generally, if the collection is worth under $1,000; that is a good option. Keep in mind, you need to know what the collection is worth so call us for assistance. Once you get in the $thousands$ of dollars you need to think about getting the cards professionally graded by one of our partners at a third party grading company. We can assist in this process. At this point it makes sense to sell to one of our reputable partners nationwide or on a consignment basis with either Ebay or an auction house. It is extremely critical that you choose the right partner once the value hits this point. We take a lot of pride in our ability to match the needs of you and your collection to the best source to selling them. Call Gary Leavitt for more information.

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