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Where Do I Sell Baseball Cards

Baseball Card Advisors receives at least a email once a week of where do I sell baseball cards, no one will buy them.  If you have cards newer than 1972, for the most part, there is limited value. We have all heard the stories of mom throwing out baseball cards. Unfortunately cards from this era are very common as they weren’t thrown out.  Most dealers and collectors will not buy the entire collection as they are only interested in the important cards or hall of fame players.  Your best bet is to look for schools, hospitals or other charitable organizations that take collectible donations.

If you are interested in trying to sell the baseball cards yourself then your best bet would be to break up the collection and sell the important cards (rookie cards of top players) on ebay.  A couple challenges with eBay for the average seller is most buyers only want to buy from someone who has the “top ranking” seller status and it is fairly expensive and time consuming to sell. I hope this has been helpful.  If you find that your sports cards or sports memorabilia are older than 1972, reach out to Baseball Card Advisors so we can help.

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