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Collecting the 1964 Topps Baseball Card Set

Phil NiekroFor those of you collecting a set run of each year of Topps baseball cards, Baseball Card Advisors has great news for you, the 1964 Topps Baseball Card Set is one of the easiest of all vintage sets to put together. The 1964 Topps set is very inexpensive and even in high grade, isn’t more than a couple thousand dollars. There is only 1 real Hall of Fame rookie notable in this set. #541-Phil “Mr. Knuckleball” Niekro has this honor. The rest of the sets consists of mainly commons other than the handful of stars that aren’t that expensive: #50-Mickey Mantle, #125-Pete Rose, #150-Willie Mays, #200-Sandy Koufax, #300-Hank Aaron, and #440-Roberto Clemente. Baseball Card Advisors has found this set is plagued with some of the problems of miscuts and off-center cards that the late 1950s also have. For this reason, finding centered cards, which is difficult, will bring a small premium.  Many times people will ask what is the quickest way to build this set, many times we suggest contact a dealer or broker.  Many times they will have a lead or someone you can contact to purchase most of the common cards.  Consider reaching out BaseballCardadvisors.com or BaseballCardRoadShows.com to help guide you in the right direction for building a memorable 1964 Topps Baseball Card Set.  For more questions about buying and selling 1964 Topps baseball cards, please contact Gary Leavitt at Baseballcardadvisor.com

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