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Collecting the 1956 Topps Baseball Card Set

The 1956 Topps set is the last year of the large, horizontal cards we came to love in the early/mid 1950s. Baseball Card Advisors has heard many opinions over the years as to the likability of oversized cards. One thing remains the same: they are very difficult to find in good condition. The cards were a perfect size to fit in the back pocket of your jeans. Baseball Card Advisors favorite cards in the set are of course the Triple Crown winner # 135-Mickey Mantle, 2nd year cards of #33-Roberto Clemente, #79-Sandy Koufax, and #164-Harmon Killebrew. The rookie card of #292-Luis Aparicio is included in this set as well as fan favorites #130-Willie Mays, #31-Hank Aaron, #5-Ted Williams, #15-Ernie Banks, #30-Jackie Robinson, #101-Roy Campanella, #110-Yogi Berra, 150-Duke Snider, and a very difficult to find in good condition, #1-Will Harridge (American League President).. Baseball Card Advisors has been lucky to be part of one of the nicest 1956 Topps complete set to ever hit the market. A collector was referred to us who had meticulously pulled every card from the pack, discarded any one of them that wasn’t perfectly centered and kept them in an old sock box until he unearthed them a few years back. After scanning each card, we are able to secure a private collector who immediately got in his car and drove 600 miles to purchase the set. The seller was thrilled to see the buyer excitement and Baseball Card Advisors got to sit in the background and enjoy the exchange of stories and cards. For more information about buying and selling the 1956 Topps baseball card Set, please contact Gary Leavitt at Baseballcardadvisor.com

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